NSE International Exchange

Trading in Global Stocks

About NSE International Exchange (NSE IX)

  • NSE IX a wholly owned subsidiary of NSE India and operational in Gift City IFSC since June 05, 2017
  • Vison- To become preferred Financial Gateway for both inbound and outbound investments and hedging needs
  • NSE IX only exchange with exemption from CFTC under regulation 30.10 to enable customers from United States to participate in derivative contracts listed on NSE IX.
  • NSE IX has won the "Emerging Market Exchange of the Year" accolade at the FOW Asia Capital Market Awards 2022
  • Established ~USD 45.8 Billion+ MTN Programme on NSE IX Platform including International Sustainability Exchange Platform for Green Offerings.

NIFTY Products

Settlement of Securities

Collateral Management

Market Data Dissemination to global investors

NSE IX - Multi Assets Universal Exchange

Derivatives across all Asset Classes - Equity, Fixed Income, Currency and Commodity; Depository Receipts, REITS, Global Stocks*

Lowest trading costs compared to offshore financial centers.

Trading available for almost 21 hours. Across Time Zones for global investors from Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas.

Easy registration for foreign investors, non-residents. DMA, Co-location available.

Trade onshore like offshore. All transactions traded and settled in US Dollar.

NSE IX Clearing Corporation provides settlement guarantee for all trades on NSE IX as QCCP.

Structuring of NSE IX Receipts

  • An unsponsored depository receipts, created without the involvement, participation, or consent of such Underlying Companies. Exclusively quoted and traded on NSE International Exchange (NSE IX)

  • Act as a custodian of NSE IX Receipts, holds the legal title to the Underlying Shares, for and on behalf of the Holders
    Preferred banking partner of NSE IX Receipts – to and cost-effective remittance

  • Act as an US Custodian and holds the Underlying Shares in an account with DTCC on the instructions of the HDFC Bank

  • IIDL act as a Depository and Registrar of NSE IX Receipts - Creation and cancellation of NSE IX Receipts and ISIN; Maintenance of Holding, Distribution of Corporate proceeds, etc.

DRs Structure

  • US Underline Share e.g. Tesla Inc
    The Underlying Company is the issuer of the Underlying Shares. However, the Underlying Company is not involved in the creation of the NSE IX Receipts

  • US Custodian
    The US Custodian (Deutsche Bank) holds the Underlying Shares on the instructions of the NSE IX Receipts Custodian (HDFC Bank)

  • IFSC Custodian
    Based on instructions from the HDFC Bank, Deutsche bank will identify the Underlying Shares as being held for the Holders in an account with U.S. Depository (DTCC)

  • GIFT IFSC Depository
    For every underlying shares held at DTCC, HDFC Bank will create corresponding depository receipts and credit beneficiary account at GIFT based Depository (India International Depository IFSC)

  • NSE IX
    Indian retail investors can trade US Stock on NSE IX

  • Indian Retail Investors
    The Holder of the NSE IX Receipt has a proportionate beneficial interest in the Underlying Shares