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Why India INX GA ?

  • Only regulated entity to provide outbound access to Resident Indian Investors from India, through GIFT CITY, IFSC
  • Separate demat account not required
  • Low-cost advantage in remittance with INX GA partner banks
  • Buy almost any US stock you want regardless of price with fractional investing
  • Facility to Lend Stocks
  • Investor is protected by Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) with an insurance of USD 500,000 (for investment in US)


  • Account Opening and Maintenance Charges - Nil

  • Subscription Fees - Nil

  • Commission

    • USD 1/- per executed order for US listed stocks & ETFs.
    • For Other Markets: Refer Charges on Trading terminal
  • Free Trading Application for Mobile, Desktop and Web portal for Trading

  • Funds Deposit and Withdrawal (excluding Bank Charges)

    • Deposit : Free

    • Withdrawal : 1 Free Withdrawal per month


SMC Global IFSC Pvt Limited

SMC Global IFSC Pvt Limited role, shall be limited to that of a referrer, where in SMC Global IFSC Pvt Limited shall introduce clients through a link which shall lead clients to the website of Interactive Brokers LLC, a US based international broker. Clients shall be sharing their details directly with Interactive Brokers LLC, by submitting such documents as may be prescribed by Interactive Brokers LLC. Once clients have been referred in such manner, they are solely responsible for any and all orders placed by them and understand that such orders are unsolicited and based in their own investment decisions. SMC Global IFSC Pvt Limited or any of its employees, agents, principals or representatives are not officers, directors, employees or representatives of India INX Global Access. All processes including KYC shall be executed by Interactive Brokers LLC directly with the client and SMC Global IFSC Pvt Limited shall not incur any liability, financial or otherwise.

INDIA INX Global Access

India INX Global Access IFSC Limited (India INX GA) role here is limited to a Referrer as Introducing broker. India INX GA will introduce the customer with multiple platform providers viz. Interactive Broker LLC etc. post which clients will be directly sharing their details to them. Once customers have been referred, they are solely responsible for any and all orders placed by them, and understand that all orders are unsolicited and based on their own investment decisions. India INX GA and any of its employees, agents, principals, or representatives DO NOT: provide recommendations of any security, transaction, or order; provide investment advice; produce or provide research to any user regarding any security, transaction, or order; handle funds or securities related to securities orders or effect the clearance or settlement of a users trades done through the platform providers. All processes including KYC will be executed by these platform providers directly with client and India INX GA will not incur any personal financial liability.