SMC Global IFSC (Pvt Ltd) is a SEBI registered entity that is a part of the SMC Group, India. It is fully owned subsidiary of SMC Global Securities Ltd, India.

As a Trading and Clearing member, it offers Stock Broking and Clearing Services to all eligible investors at International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) at Gift City, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, INDIA.

Also, it provides trade execution (broking), Clearing and Settlement services to all eligible investors including Foreign Portfolio Investors (FPI), Eligible Foreign Investors (EFI), Non-resident Indians (NRI), Trading Members of International exchanges at IFSC and to Segregated Nominee Account Providers and their end clients.

Awarded the Best Year after Year

Why IFSC ?

  • Omnibus investment
    route is allowed

  • No exchange charges

  • All instruments
    are USD denominated

  • NIL Tax Regime

  • No PAN requirement

  • No requirement of opening
    a bank account in IFSC